Overkill 3

Publisher Game Troopers has released an update to the the sci-fi shooter Overkill 3 for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. The latest version is the biggest yet, adding a new endless gameplay mode.

In basic terms, the endless mode makes players defend a generator from waves and waves of enemies that won't stop until the player's character is dead. In case gamers are wondering, here's how the new mode is unlocked in Overkill 3:

"In order to get access to the endless mode, players just need to get 15 stars by playing a few levels, and the new endless mode option will be enabled in the battle map."

In addition, the new 1.8 verison of the game includes some fixes for what Game Troopers calls a "negative experience when players were reaching level 44." There are also some other unnamed and minor bug fixes and performance improvements with this update. Let us know how you like the new endless mode for Overkill 3 in the comments.

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