Back in early 2013, Nokia and Verizon were teaming up to launch the new Lumia 928. This was the first PureView device for Verizon and with it came an exciting ad campaign highlighting the camera's low light capability.

In the video that aired on US television, you can see some electroluminescent scooters at the 18 second mark. They were certainly eye catching, but we thought nothing more of it.

Until now.

The company who made those scooters evidently kept them around the office for the last few years. Now, they are selling them on Craigslist.

The ad is titled 'Custom-Made Microsoft Neon Light-Up Scooters - $500' and sure enough you can take the two of them home with you.

The bad news? They do not actually run. Show only, folks! Here are the details:

  • In mint condition (we've only sat on them a few times for fun office photos)
  • White, leather snakeskin seat pads
  • Lined with neon lighting for a luminous, glowing effect
  • Clear bodies so you can see the details/inside of the scooters
  • More pictures available upon email request
  • $500 each OBO

Rumor has it we are opening a small office here in Massachusetts for Windows Central. These sure would look great! Too bad these are all the way out in Redmond, and we are sure someone will beat us to the purchase. It is a shame too as they would look great with my new motorcycle helmet, which coincidentally arrived this morning.

Regardless, maybe you could be the lucky one if you have $500 to spare and some extra space. Own the ultimate Lumia souvenir!

Source: Craigslist; via Reddit