Our favorite app for keeping tabs on our UPS, FedEx and USPS deliveries has received a much wanted feature in its latest update: lockscreen notifications.

That’s right, Package Tracker is up to version 5.1, which we previewed a few weeks ago and it now has the ability to show you when new update notifications are present including detailed information right on your Windows Phone 8 lockscreen. Likewise, you can view the information on the doublewide Tile, should you opt for a more indirect approach.

Package Tracker for Windows Phone has the unique ability to “sync to the cloud” whereby you can also take advantage of the similar Windows 8 RT app. That means you can enter data on your PC and have it auto-sync to your phone, keeping you up to date on where your multiple packages are at the moment. For that, we’re big fans of both apps as they’re clever, simple and well done.

Another advantage of Package Tracker is the sheer number of delivery services it supports worldwide—sure FedEx and UPS are popular but what if you’re in Spain? This app should have those international users covered.

If you’ve already bought Package Tracker, just head here to the Store and get the version 5.1 update. Otherwise, you can trial out the app and if you like it, buy it for $2.49. Our opinion? If you shop a lot online and like to have pushed tracking info to your phone, including delivery notifications, Package Tracker is your best bet. (And if you’re on Windows 8, try out their RT version).

QR: Package Tracker

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