There are a handful of finger painting/doodling available for your Windows Phone. Palette FX hopes to stand out amongst the rest with its palette feature.

Layout of Palette FX is simple in that you have minimal controls, no stamps, and no drawing to paint. Just you, your finger, and the colors.

Bottom buttons control your brush selection (color from the palette), open an eraser feature, a brush size control and your palette selection. Palette FX has over fifty different color palettes that you can choose and swapping colors within the selected palette is as easy as tapping the brush button and choosing your color.

The three-dot menu will pull up controls to undo and redo your strokes, save the image to your Pictures Hub, clear the canvas and view the applications credits.

Palette FX is a simple finger painting application for your Windows Phone and it may be too simple. The app performs as advertised but I couldn't help but think it needed something beyond the palettes. Maybe the ability to share drawings straight from the app? Still, it's not a bad little app.

Palette FX comes in two versions. There is Palette FX Lite that is a free and you can find it here at the Marketplace. There is also a paid version ($.99) of Palette FX that you can find here at the Marketplace (both links opens your Zune desktop).