Register Hardware is reporting that they've received an email from “one of [Palm's] media agencies” that indicates that Palm may announce the Treo Pro today. While we of course have no idea when Palm intends on announcing or releasing the device, it wouldn't be crazy to surmise that all the recent Treo Pro leaks may have helped accelerate things a bit.

El Reg adds that the email confirms some of what we already know: the device “features a one-touch Wi-Fi button, GPS, Windows Mobile 6.1 and a high-resolution flush color touchscreen.”

More as it comes! Thanks to Gareth for the tip!

Updated: SlashGear is reporting that Palm has released a couple of press photos, one of which appears above. After the cut, a quick video of the Treo Pro SlashGear grabbed and posted up on YouTube.

Update 2: Electronista reports that the announcement has been withdrawn from the PR site. Looks like what we have here is a failure to communicate another leak.