I present you with an equation:

Yet Another Qwerty Keyboard Windows Mobile Smartphone +
Thicker than the competition +
No ringer switch (!) +
Tri-Band GMS and only the 2100 Band on UMTS means it won't work well in the United States +
We already gave you all the deets ourselves yesterday

Sorry, Palm. I'll give you points for trying and maybe I'll change my tune when I get my hands on one, but after all this, I still don't understand why I wouldn't get a Dash, or a Blackjack, or a Q9H (when it arrives). The Treo 500v is a big, wet kiss for Vodafone and their network, but on this side of the pond I can't say we're especially jealous. See, we had our first kiss a long time ago when the Q hit and have been smooching thin little smartphones ever since. Er, not so much smooching and holding them up to our cheeks, but you get the idea. YAQKWMS indeed.

Ok, ok, ok. I will give you points for the generous 150mb of user storage and the long battery life. Plus, nice job finally ditching that hateful Treo Athena connector in favor of miniUSB. Don't ever go back.

Palm Europe has announced the Treo 500v, a Windows Mobile Standard Smartphone designed for the European market on the Vodafone network. It should be initially be available exclusively to Vodafone customers beginning the first of October, the price is still unknown.

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