CES may start tomorrow in Las Vegas, but there's big news from Europe coming out from BGR. They've scored a Vodafone product roadmap. As was predicted (accurately, by yours truly) over at TreoCentral, Palm is going to be replacing their Treo 750 in July of 2008. We don't have a full picture yet, but we do have some specs:

  • Quad-band GSM
  • Windows Mobile 6.1 (Pro? We assume)
  • 320x320 Flush (!) screen (gotta be touch? We assume!)
  • 2mp camera
  • 1500 mAh battery (huge!)
  • GPS, WiFi (!), Bluetooth 2.0

Basically is the GSM Windows Mobile Treo we've all dreamt of. It also seems to be a continuation of Palm's love affair with Vodafone - they got the Treo 750 first, the Treo 500v first (and probably exlusively), and come July (or thereabouts), they'll get the Treo XXX/Drucker first. Our money is on it being called the Treo 850v.

Thanks to Chad for the tip!

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p.s. We'd like to think that “Drucker” is named after TreoCentral's own “Michael Ducker,” but we wouldn't want Miradu to get too big a head, now would we?