The internets 'asploded over the weekend with leaked pics and rumors of a new Palm device that doesn't appear to be a Treo - or at least not any sort of Treo that we know. First we saw a photo or two that looked pretty photoshopped, or at least pretty strange - these photos showed a PalmOS dialer (that says "Windows Mobile" on the top, scrunched down to fit on what's clearly a 240x320 screen. These were met with more than a little incredulity.

Update: Looks like I didn't squint hard enough at the grainy PalmOS shot - which clearly says "Wireless Mobile" and not "Windows Mobile". My Bad. But I still am pretty skeptical of the PalmOS version.

But then over at the TreoCentral Forums, CGK posted the photo you see at right, which looks quite a bit more legit. Witness: Vodafone logo (Palm released the first Treo 750v on Vodafone), Palm logo, and even a serial # in the upper right that indicates this is indeed some sort of pre-production model. Given that Palm is in love with touchscreens, a device like this is a bit of a surprise from them - would they even call it a Treo?

Would they admit that it's basically a year behind the rest of the pack (Looks like a Dash knock-off to me).