Ever wondered what your palm has to say? Carmelo Milian, developer of SoundEscape 7, has released Palm Reader 7 for Windows Phone 7 that might satisfy that curiousity.

Once you launch Palm Reader 7, you'll need to tap the camera button that's on the bottom of the screen and take a photo of your palm. Once you're satisfied with the palm photo, you trace the heart, head, life and fate lines on your picture. There's a handy diagram to help distinguish which line is which.

When you complete outlining the various palm lines, tap the "Read Palm" button and your reading will appear.  The reading will highlight what each line has to say about your fortune.

The challenge with Palm Reader 7 rests with taking a decent photo of your palm. The app itself ran smoothly. Palm Reader 7 is a free app that is ad supported with a small banner ad running along the bottom of the screen.

Palm Reader 7 is an interesting novelty app for your Windows Phone and you can download your free copy here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.