It looks like a little mix-up with Palm's Press Release RSS Feed let the news slip a little early - the mystery product that Palm's been hard at work at is a "thin client" of a sort - a device that hooks up to your smartphone and act like a mini-laptop. I'll be putting up more details at our sister site TreoCentral as more details come in.

It'll run some version of Palm's next-gen Linux-based operating system and sync auto-magically with your smartphone. It's not the magical stand-alone device Mike Overbo and I were hoping for, but signs are pointing to it being pretty darn close.

I'm posting this info here at WMExperts for a couple of reasons. The main one is that Palm is surely going to make this compatible with the Windows Mobile versions of their Treos - and I strongly suspect that means it should be just as compatible with any other Windows Mobile device. Why would Palm limit their market to just Treos when it would take virtually no work at all to make it compatible with the many Windows Mobile phones out there?

According to a RSS news feed from Palm, their mystery "3rd category" device is a compact smartphone companion product named Foleo that lets you view and edit emails using a large screen and fullsize keyboard

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