Looks like Palringo, a free and popular instant messaging program, has been officially bumped up to v2.0. See our full review/feature tour here.

Of note is that starting with v1.42, you can now hide the gangly status bar & adjust font sizes, addressing one my complaints of earlier versions.

Download here. (Note: the mobile site is still hosting v1.42, so use this link instead).

The changelog is quite large, though the app still basically looks the same:

  • Completely new install/uninstall process
  • Automatic updates now only notify users that an update is available - downloading is manually approved
  • Settings->Display->Group join/leave alerts
  • Settings->Display->Contact List (item size) option
  • Settings->Display->Tab size option replaces "Large Buttons" option.
  • Contact list can now be filtered by service type, so you can effectively have a separate list for Facebook/MSN/Yahoo etc.
  • Added private message spam filter for Palringo service
  • Edit Profile link from overview screen
  • Automatic detail expansion display on reduced contact list items
  • Optimized list rendering code
  • Optimized avatar rendering
  • Default filenames for saving images
  • Reformatting of photos has been made more reliable
  • Miscellaneous other bug fixes and optimizations