Pandora is a popular music service available in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Since the official app for Windows Phone launched on the store last year, consumers have been able to enjoy an ad-free experience without having to upgrade to a premium subscription.

This commercial-free Pandora experience was down to Microsoft, but now Pandora has announced that advertising will be coming to the Windows Phone platform, unless you have Pandora One.

Want to enjoy your music streaming ad-free? You'll need to upgrade to Pandora One, which sets you back $36 per year. Here's the email sent out to consumers:

"Starting today, Pandora will be introducing advertising on your Windows mobile device. Why are we doing this? Simply put, ads pay the bills. Running Pandora carries significant costs, including a substantial portion of our revenue that we will pay in music royalties to songwriters and performers. Advertising allows us to cover those costs, providing healthy compensation to musicians while still being able to offer you a free music service. Our goal is to minimize disruption as much as possible. If you want to continue listening ad-free, you can upgrade to Pandora One which is free of audio and visual ads."

Pandora end the email by stating the company is still listening to customer feedback, so if you have any complaints or concerns about the changes, be sure to get in touch with Pandora. You can grab the official app for Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Store (region restricted).

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