MetroRadio v3.1

We like the little competition between MetroRadio and Radio Controlled for best 3rd party Pandora app and while the latter still has more features, MetroRadio's v3.1 update is looking quite nice.

As you can see above, the player itself now features the album art as a background which works weill with the minimalist layout and design of the app. The program's icon also got a refresh and looks a lot sharper now. Other changes include:

  • Added Live Tile for the main app, and for each individual pinned station.
  • Cleaned the player Interface.
  • Better Station-Adding experience.
  • Adding Coming Up for next songs in the player.

Nice changes for sure and it should make fans of this app quite happy. Can't wait to see what else is coming. Pick up MetroRadio for free in the Marketplace here.

QR: MetroRadio