Are you an Amazon Prime member? If so and you’re like us, the UPS delivery person was invited to your Thanksgiving dinner because you see him so much. That also means you want to track your shipments in real-time as much as possible (especially with those high-value items).

Package Tracker (formerly known as Parcel Tracker) was recently pulled from the Windows Phone Store due to “not enough interest” from consumers. But after much haranguing from loyal customers, they returned and even released a Windows 8 app that promised future syncing capability—well that day has arrived.

Package Tracker 5 for Windows Phone has now been released and although it looks the same it now has that cloud-syncing ability, which means your desktop client and phone can keep up to date with each other. Enter once, sync everywhere.

The app still needs a Windows Phone 8 update e.g. double wide tile, perhaps some lockscreen notifications but the cloud sync ability via SkyDrive is a great reason to pick up Package Tracker.

You can grab a trial of Package Tracker here from the Windows Phone Store for $2.49 (£1.99) and the Windows 8 RT app here in the Windows 8 Store for $2.99 (£2.19). We recommend both. Thanks, Eric D., for the tip

QR: Package Tracker

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