Need a quick and easy way to keep track of parcel packages from your Windows Phone? The Windows Phone 7 application Parcel Tracker is one way to do just that.

The hub layout is simple and straightforward. You have a page for listing all the parcels you are tracking, a pagd to add parcels, and a page to remove parcels. Easy peasy.

Parcel Tracker can track packages shipped from a dozen carriers including UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL. To enter a package, you choose your carrier, assign it an appropriate name (e.g. Christmas Gifts to Mom) and enter the tracking number. That package is now listed on the main page of the hub.

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The listing on the main page will show your descriptive name, current status (delivered, In transit, etc.) and the anticipated delivery date. To see more details on the parcel, tap the listing on the Parcel page to pull up the tracking history.

One downside with Parcel Tracker is that you have to manually enter tracking numbers. These can be rather lengthy and time consuming to enter. With most shipping labels having bar codes, one would think tracking numbers could be generated automatically by scanning the bar code through your Windows Phone camera. There may be development hurdles preventing this but it would be a great feature when you have to enter numerous parcels.

I found Parcel Tracker to be a stable application with no bugs, glitches or hang-ups experienced. Overall, Parcel Tracker is a conveinent, useful app for tracking parcel packages. More so if you have multiple packages to keep track of. Parcel Tracker is running $1.29 and there is a trial version available.

You can find Parcel Tracker here (opens Zune desktop).