Park It is a nice little freebie app that helps you find your car once you parked it in a city, shopping mall or just the wrong side of town. In that sense, it's nothing really new as there are plenty of these apps in the Marketplace.

Good news though as Part It got bumped to v2.0 this week and joins our growing list of Mango-enabled apps. The best part is it does some things we hadn't thought about before for a parking app, but make total sense:

  • Live Tile Support: Pin your saved parking spot to your home screen for one-touch access to directions and the back of the tile gives you your approximate distance from your spot
  • Turn-by-Turn Voice Directions: Use the integrated Bing turn-by-turn voice directions to get back to your saved spot

That last one, using Bing voice? Brilliant (just make sure to set to walking directions). We just tried out the app for a quick test run and although we don't much care for the Tile design, the app itself is very nice and even cooler with those Mango features enabled. For instance, tapping our custom Live Tile for our parked car looks it up on the map and gets ready to dictate directions back to you, without touching it--very smart. Hey, we're keeping it, after all it is free. Give her a test spin here in the Marketplace.