Parrot, the well-known creator of ground and ariel drones for consumers, is recruiting for someone to help develop a universal Windows 10 app. The project leader would apparently work with a third-party partner to create the app.

The job listing was posted on Parrot's French language website. A translation of the text states:

"The market for drones Consumers develops on many fronts and Parrot launches each year a new range of drone to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. In parallel, the Windows platform is becoming increasingly popular with the release of Windows 10 and the drone of users eagerly await the release / compatibility of the application with FreeFlight control this OS."

"The purpose of this position is to drive the development of FreeFlight application for Windows by following the roadmap of features Parrot Drone. The aim is to outsource these developments on the OS Windows Phone and Tablet for minidrones and Bebop drones 1 & 2."

Keep in mind that projects like this can be halted before release. However, the fact that Parrot believes that the Windows platform is becoming more popular with the launch of Windows 10 is a hopeful sign that it will launch a universal app for the platform.

Thanks to NotCassim for the tip!

Source: Parrot; Via: Frawin

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