Microsoft has posted part of the WebGL renderer used in its Edge web browser for Windows 10 as an open source project on the GitHub site.

Microsoft Edge

Specifically, Microsoft says that the GLSL::HLSL transpiler portion of the renderer is being offered to the open source community. It added:

WebGL web pages run 'programs' (shaders) on your GPU to render 3D content; these programs are written in the GLSL shading language. Microsoft Edge uses the DirectX subsystem in Windows (and HLSL, a different Windows-specific shading language) to render content. Microsoft Edge converts WebGL content to DirectX equivalents to display it; the WebGL renderer converts WebGL calls into DirectX equivalents, and the transpiler converts GLSL shaders to HLSL shaders.

Microsoft previously released ChakraCore, the key components of the Chakra JavaScript engine that is used by Microsoft Edge, as an open source project.

Check out the Microsoft Edge WebGL page on GitHub