Path for Windows Phone

Good things comes to apps that get updated frequently. Which is why we’re pretty jazzed about Path picking up another update on Windows Phone. The highly anticipated app launched earlier this month to mixed results. This marks the second update to hit Path since it launched. Let’s check it out.

The last update for Path came out two Mondays ago. It notable for addressing some check-in bugs with the app. Today we’re looking at version of Path in the Windows Phone Store. It brings to us the following:

  • Bug fixes related to location check-ins
  • Regional settings
  • Others

Looks like the team behind Path is still ironing out bugs related to check-ins. After the last update we haven’t had an issues with it, but if you have let us know if the update corrects it. The other changes for Path (regional settings and “others”) are a bit vague. So don’t forget to sound off below if you notice any other changes/improvements.

Want Path for Windows Phone? Grab it in the Windows Phone Store or use the QR code below.

Thanks for the tip Anmol!

QR: Path Beta