PayPal for Windows Phone

The PayPal app for Windows Phone has not been on our radar since a year ago in 2013, but today a major 4.0 update is going out and with it comes a new UI. Rather, this new UI is the same as found on Android and iOS, making the Windows Phone on parity with those platforms.

In terms of features, you still get the usual fare, including managing your account, push notifications, send or request money and the increasingly more relevant Local feature, which lets you visit local shops that take PayPal as a form of payment.

Overall, 4.0 is a nice update The app only borrows elements of PayPal's designs from other platforms, but it very much keeps with the Modern look of Windows Phone (this is not just a port). The app is fast, and you can even set your photo in the app although limited for cropping and positioning. Still, for those you use PayPal often for transactions or a way of sending money to others, 4.0 should go a long way to keep you happy.

Did you find anything else new or that you like in 4.0? Let others know in comments.

Thanks, Neil K., afgzee, Steve and Andy for the tips!

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