PayPal Here for Windows Phone

Earlier this week, PayPal finally released their Windows Phone app for Here payments after a soft-launch of their Windows 8.1 version just a few weeks ago.

Today, the app the Windows Phone app is unpublished. However, before people start sounding alarms, this is a planned downtime for the company and app. In an email sent to a reader from PayPal, the company explains the situation.

"Just as a quick warning, we are temporarily removing the app listing as we figure out something unrelated in our sign-up webpage. You can continue using the app without a problem."

The email is from Christina Li, product manager for PayPal Here for Windows app, so it should be taken as gospel.

We will keep an eye out for when PayPal Here returns to Windows Phone, although we do not expect it to be gone for long. Until then, you can continue to use the current version if you already have it installed.

Thanks, Frank K., for the email!