PayPal users on Windows Phone will no longer be able to use the current version of the app on June 30, the company has announced. PayPal has confirmed plans to "sunset" the app on that date, recommending that users turn to PayPal through their mobile browser.

PayPal will sunset its current Windows Phone app on June 30

From PayPal:

For Windows Phone users, we will sunset the current version of the PayPal app on June 30. However, Windows Phone users can still access PayPal through our mobile web experience on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers. users can also use the PayPal add-in to send money directly from their inbox.

The move comes as PayPal announced new upgrades to its Android and iOS apps. Curiously, PayPal specified that the "sunset" applies to the current version of the PayPal app. While it would be folly to read too far into that, it's possible that a new version of the app could make its way to users down the road.

For now, however, you'll have to begin preparing to perform all of your PayPal functions through your mobile browser.