If you don't pay attention to Reddit (see 'Alien News' for WP7 here), well, you're lame. But if you do, you've probably been following the whole PBS back and forth between the two entities, usually with hilarious discussions in comments. In the latest post, some folks at PBS took a group shot with the Reddit Alien logo in the background as a "thank you" to the Reddit community. Developer Justin Angel managed to look past all the humans and became fixated on the dry-erase board.

Looking more closely, we see screen resolutions of various types and even an 'ipad' mention. But in the upper left, (enhanced at the top) you can see "Win Phone 7" clearly written.

Okay, while an official PBS app might not be the biggest thing to hit the market, we happen to like PBS and more so, that Justin is so geeky to have found this--it's like a CSI: Programmer edition....enhance!

Source: Reddit; via @JustinAngel