As promised, Microsoft, Intel, HP, Dell and Lenovo officially announced their new "PC Does What?!" marketing campaign to help boost new PC hardware sales during the holiday sales period.

This is the first time that these five companies have teamed up for a joint marketing and advertising campaign, which will officially launch in the US and Canada starting on October 19 and will last six weeks, or until the end of November. The effort was brought together pretty quickly; planning only started in June. The live stream featured the heads of marketing for all five companies and it also showed off the first humorous TV ads for the campaign, which are designed to show off features in new PCs such as infinity displays on the Dell XPS 13, the thin design of Lenovo's Yoga notebooks and the long battery life of HP's notebooks.

The ads are designed to target consumers that still have PCs that are four or five years old or older. The five companies in this partnership want to show those people that PCs have evolved and are more powerful, more energy efficient, more secure and can do more tasks compared those older PCs.

PC Does What

If the 'PC Does What?!" campaign is successful in the US and Canada, the companies might expand it to other parts of the world at a later date. The campaign's official website is, and will also go live on October 19.