PC Magazine has come out with their best WM Phone List….is yours on it? Each phone on the list has a link to read a detailed review of it. Windows Mobile has been taking a beating lately, from David Pogue and also in the (I humbly admit, pretty accurate) feedback from the Round Robin over at Phone different and CrackBerry.com In my totally unbiased point of view of being a writer for WMExperts.com, I thought PC Mag's take was important as well:

We've taken Microsoft to task for the company's various faults in Windows Mobile 6. But despite our qualms, it's still our Editors' Choice for the best mobile operating system [...] What does Windows Mobile 6 offer compared with, say, BlackBerry, Palm, and Symbian operating systems? For starters, it integrates beautifully with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office, including out-of-the-box connectivity to corporate Exchange servers. Handsets running WM6 also serve as nifty portable media centers that synchronize well with Windows Media Player.

With praise like this I am sure some Palm, iPhone, & Blackberry lovers might be asking how much did Microsoft pay for advertising in this month’s PC Magazine! =) But here at WMExperts we all know that it is well deserved (setting aside, of course our must have list of improvements for the next version of the OS).

But as I mentioned above the best part is the list of their best choices of the current WM Phones. Whether you already own one of the phones on the list or are drooling over getting one of them, you will find their individual phone reviews very interesting to look at as well. You can find the full article and reviews here.