Peaceful puzzler Lines is currently on sale for .49

If you're a fan of minimalistic puzzle games, Game Troopers' Lines for Windows Phone is probably on your radar. If you haven't yet picked the game up however, now may be the time to grab it, as it's currently on sale for just $1.49 — down from its regular $2.99 price tag.

As a reminder, Lines is an interesting little puzzler that tasks players with placing colored dots on a line drawing, which then causes the color to fill the empty space of the drawing. The trick is that you're racing to fill the drawing before competing colors. As a nice little bonus, like Game Troopers' other games, Lines packs a slew of Xbox achievements for players to try their hand at as they play along.

If Lines sounds like your cup of tea, you can now snag the game for Windows Phone at the link below for $1.49.

Download Lines for Windows Phone ($1.49, normally $2.99)

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