The other day we ran Penny Arcade's comic on Windows Phone 7. Some found it funny, others did not. Regardless, Gabe is a pretty popular internet celebrity and he decided to finally post his thoughts on the phone and OS.

See, Gabe's actually a long time iPhone user but he was looking for something, well, different. Using his magical powers he was able to grab a Samsung Focus from Microsoft running NoDo (we presume, it's not Mango). We encourage you to read his whole review but the take away message could be summarized as follows:

"...the user experience is really the distinguishing factor in my opinion. I know how ridiculous it sounds to say that I switched to a Microsoft device because I prefer the UI design and the way it “feels” to use the device but it’s true. I’m not sure when MS became the scrappy underdog hungry to shake things up with a radical new idea but here it is. I really love the design elements and how consistent they are throughout the entire experience. I realize that probably isn’t enough for most people to change phones but as someone who loves design and "new art" it was enough for me."

He still needs to put though a road-test, which he's looking to do next week when he heads to Comic Con. Hey, publicity is publicity and if we can convert folks one at a time, so be it.

Source: Penny Arcade; Thanks, Matt B., for the heads up!