People Search

People Search is a contact search app that is based off of the T9 system instead of a full-QWERTY keyboard meaning you can easily use it one handed.  In addition, you get a ton of features including customized searches, ability to share contacts, and a QR Tag generator.

People Search was recently updated to version 2.4.31 that separates that Windows Phone 7.x and 8 builds along with a little fine tuning that improve support for 720p devices.  Along with the update, the developer is marking down the price for the weekend.

People Search

The update also adds a new speed-dialing wizard, a new quick share feature, improved QR code sharing, and speed dialing now supports SMS and emails.  You can set a number on the dialing pad to launch an email or SMS message to a preset contact.

All totaled the update adds a lot to the plate with People Search.

Now for the price drop.  In celebration of the update, People Search will be on sale through the weekend.  Regularly priced at $1.29 you can pick up People Search through Monday morning, November 19, 2013.  If you aren’t sure there is a trial version available to let you try things out first.  Please note that it may take a while before the pricing change is reflected across the board in all markets.

People Search is available for both Widows Phone 8 and 7.x devices and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

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