Phantom Dust adds a pair of voice chat features in its third update

The latest update for remastered original Xbox title Phantom Dust is here, and it brings some handy new voice chat features in multiplayer. And while this update isn't nearly as big as the previous, which had the honor of introducing voice chat in the first place, it's noteworthy nonetheless.

The main tweak concerns the Tag Team game type, which will now include private voice chat channels during gameplay, separated per team. Players can also now opt out of voice chat altogether, should they choose. Here's a look at the full release notes:

  • In online multiplayer in the Tag Team Game Type each team now has their own private voice chat channel during game play rather than one group chat (except when player uses the Mind Reading skill to eavesdrop on opposing team). Chat remains group chat in lobby and all other online play modes.

  • Users may now opt-out (or opt-in) for the in-game voice chat via Xbox Live Options menu, in-game pause menu during online play, or in Options in the online game lobby.

If you've already got Phantom Dust installed, the update should be available now. And if you have yet to give the remastered version of the cult classic original Xbox title a shot, you can grab it for free on Xbox One and Windows 10 now.

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