Phil Spencer Battletoads

Xbox leader Phil Spencer talked about gaming during the Windows 10 press event today, but he may have also made a not-so-subtle hint for a possible upcoming game. He happened to be wearing a t-shirt with a Battletoads silver logo during his presentation.

Battletoads is a well loved game franchise that was first developed by UK-based Rare in the 1990s, featuring three anthropomorphic toads in an brawler-action game. Rare is now owned by Microsoft and Spencer has hinted in the past that he is a big fan of the Battletoads franchise.

When asked by Polygon after today's Windows 10 event about his apparel, Spencer stated, "I don't think I've ever worn a t-shirt that's been a complete head fake. I don't think I have ... have I? I wouldn't do that." That would seem to strongly suggest that something is up regarding Battletoads. Hopefully we will learn more in the coming months.

Source: Microsoft, Polygon

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