Phone backups coming to Windows Phone

A recent posting on Microsoft's jobs site reveals that phone backup and easy restore will be available in the next version of Windows Phone.  The post is for a Redmond-based Software Development Engineer to join Microsoft's Windows Phone Backup, Migrate and Restore team and reads:

Come join the Windows Phone Backup, Migrate, and Restore team. Our goal is to ensure that no matter if someone loses their phone, drops their phone in a lake, buys a new windows phone, or just has their toddler wipe their phone by entering the wrong PIN over and over, a user can quickly and seamlessly get their phone back to a good state. The features we are producing will be new for the next version of Windows Phone and will help ensure Microsoft stays ahead of the competition when it comes to disaster recovery. Come be a part of defining this area.

This is exciting but perhaps not unexpected news for Windows Phone users, as there is currently no way to regularly back up your device unless you go the homebrew route.  And while the homebrew backup tool is great, this function is just something that should be built into the OS.  The posting does not go into detail, so it is unclear whether backups will be done solely using Zune on a local computer or if there will be a cloud component using Skydrive as well.  Either way, it's a welcome addition.

Source: Microsoft; Via: WMPU / MK for the tip