Ever wished Bing would use one of your photos for their wallpaper image? Windows Live and Bing are holding a photo contest to give you that chance.

Designed to promote BING and Windows Live's Photo Gallery, the contest will run through October 22, 2010. Submissions should be sent to WLcontest@hotmail.com and include your image, image title, short description, and your contact information. There is a limit of five entries per person and the following requirements:

  • No recognizable people.
  • No 3rd party trademarks or logos (such as distinctive packaging or building exteriors / interiors) owned by others.
  • No objectionable content, such as alcohol, smoking, guns, violence, or nudity
  • No content that is defamatory to any group or individual and/or violates any law.
  • JPEG format only with minimum photo dimensions 970px width by 528px height.
  • Preferably the image should be submitted in its original size and aspect ratio, which will allow us the most flexibility when sizing and cropping to meet the needs of the homepage.
  • Horizontal orientation and at least 1MB in size.
  • No watermark, signature or photographer name can be included in the image file. The photographer credit for the winner will be added to the page separately.

Ten winners will be selected to have their photo featured in a Windows 7 theme pack and the grand prize winner will have their photo featured on the Bing's homepage (mobile and desktop) on November 8, 2010. You can find the complete contest rules and guidelines here.

via: windowsteamblog