Like to apply special effects to your photos? Want an easy way to go about doing so on your Windows Phone?

Appa Mundi Ltd is offering Photo Magic over at the Marketplace that will let you transform photos on your Windows Phone at the swipe of a finger.

The Windows Phone 7 app can apply six effects to images stored in your media gallery or freshly captured images. The seven effects are:

  • Pencil - pencil sketch of your photo
  • Sepia - the brown tonal effect
  • Twenties -antique feel to the picture
  • Cartoon - turns your photo into a cartoon drawing
  • Movie - high contrast
  • Paint - water color effect

To apply the effects, you simply choose a photo from your media galleries or create a new photo (launches your camera app). Once loaded into the application all five effects are applied and reviewable in the Photo Magic hub. Simply swipe through the pages to preview the altered image.

Once you find a style you like, you can save it to your media gallery as well as share it on Facebook or Twitter. Some of the effects took a little time to be applied and you can choose the image file size (small, medium, large) to either speed things up or create better detail.  I found that each effect has a varying degree of success depending on the photo.  Sometimes the Cartoon Effect really turns the photo into a cartoon but with some photos it's hard to tell teh Cartoon Effect from the Paint Effect.  While some of the effects can be hit or miss, overall I was pleased with Photo Magic.

If you use your Windows Phone to capture or share images, Photo Magic is a simple and easy way to apply special effects to your photos. The full version of Photo Magic will run $1.99 and there is a free trial version available at the Marketplace.

Ease on past the break to see an example of each style.