Cheat sheets, tip cards, reference guides have been a part of photography long since the days of Matthew Brady. Photowiz is a Windows Phone 7 application that brings the basic photography reference cards and tips to your Windows Phone.

The main pages of Photowiz 7 spreads the photography information out nicely and breaks down as such.

  • Picture of: The "Picture of:" page offers tips and tricks for taking a pictures under certain conditions or of a certain style. Landscape, portrait, water, flowers, fireworks and sunrise/sunset photos are covered.
  • Night ISO: Night ISO gives you recommended settings for night photography. Options are available to take the amount of moon illumination into account.
  • DOF Calc: The DOF (depth of field) calculator helps determine your depth of field based on your image sensor size, f-stop, focal length and distance from the subject. The sensor size selection is scrollable and ranges from 1.3x cropped sensors to 8x10 large format sensors.
  • Help: The Help page will provide you with definitions for several common photography terms. This page covers metering, exposure, lighting, and the Sunny 16 Rule.

PhotoWiz 7 can be used for both film and digital cameras. And as popular as youth sports is, I'm a little surprised there wasn't a sports category on the "Picture of:" page.

Regardless, Photowiz 7 is a handy application for the beginner shutterbug and could come in handy for the seasoned photographer. It is a free application and you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.