Colorful for Windows Phone

In celebration of the Super Bowl, Colorful Apps is offering their Windows Phone app Colorful for free.

What is Colorful? Much like the Augmented Colors app we mentioned a while back, Colorful is a color detection app for your Windows Phone. It helps color blind people recognize, tag and compare colors. Some of the key features of the app include:

  • Use advanced filters that will compensate for your specific color deficiency.
  • Recognize colors in your surroundings using the new Mango camera capabilities.
  • Save up to 3 color tags for future reference and comparison.
  • Save an image with the additional information given by Colorful algorithms.

Colorful allows you to detect colors from photos on your Windows Phone as well as tagging colors from the live camera mode. You can save an unlimited number of color tags with Colorful as well as customize selecting the detail level or mode of the color name (simple, descriptive, artistic and developer). Colorful also gives you the ability to choose your color blindness type to further dial in the app.

Colorful Screen Shots

Even if you aren't color blind, we can see Colorful coming in handy for painters, interior decorators, and others who have the need to identify colors.

You can find Colorful here at the Windows Phone Marketplace and remember through this weekend it is a free app. There is also a Lite version of Colorful that you can find here at the Marketplace but it has some functionality limits.

QR: Colorful          QR: Colorful Lite