A few weeks ago we showed you Lyrics by musiXmatch, a sweet free app that pulled down lyrics to virtually any song you were listening to through Zune. While the app was free and it worked well it was missing something...the ability to scroll automagically through the lyrics, like a karaoke machine.

PicoLyrics ($1.29) does just that by syncing up a a community server where people (somehow) log the lyrics and time-cues to thousands of songs. In turn, PicoLyrics functions the same way as Lyrics--it integrates with Zune, uses 3G to pull down songs, etc. But it has a cleaner UI and  the scrolling bit just makes it truly great. We feel $1.29 is a bit high for the app, with $0.99 being the sweet spot (or free and ad-supported) but we bought it anyways because it worked so well.

Version 1.1 just hit, bringing landscape support and bug fixes (no longer crashes when it can't find a song). While it may not find every single song out there, it did a pretty good job for our library and we're pleased with it. The app has a trial period of ten minutes, yes, you heard that right. Although after using it for ten minutes, you should know how you feel about it.

You can grab it here on your phone or Zune desktop.