PicSafe Pro is a photo album app for your Windows Phone that offers a level of security from those who might snoop around your Windows Phone. PicSafe Pro is password protected and goes a step further by password protecting individual photo albums.

PicSafe Pro features includes:

  • Auto-Sync with your Pictures Hub photos
  • Hide locked albums for more privacy
  • Import/Export photos to your Pictures Hub
  • Access your Windows Phone camera from the app
  • Share photos via Twitter and Facebook

When you first launch PicSafe Pro you will be prompted to create your password, enter a reminder phrase, and an option to email yourself the password. From there it's simply a matter of syncing PicSafe Pro with your Pictures Hub (referred to as System Albums) and your in business.

As the need arises you can create additional albums, delete pictures and albums, and customize the albums properties. PicSafe Pro is a simple, straight forward application to allow you to add a level of security to your Windows Phone photos.

PicSafe Pro is running $2.49 (no trial version) and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.