Cornflowerblue Games is offering an Angry Birds like game over at the Windows Phone Marketplace that puts a different kind of twist on things. Pigs Fly has you launching pigs at targets to send enemy mice into space.

While Chicks 'n Vixens, Angry Birds, and Panda vs. Ninja calls for the destruction of enemy targets protected by various structures, Pigs Fly has you targeting numbered balls that are protected by various structures. To help add to the challenge, the balls are numbered and you have to take them out in sequential order.

Game play is like any other game of this nature. Pigs are shot/hurled/tossed by tapping, holding and pulling back. The trajectory of your previous shot is outlined with dots to help you adjust things. The game has multiple levels, currently at ten.  This makes the game a little short on gaming time but the developer promises of more levels coming with future updates.

Graphics are nice but the jury is still out whether or not square pigs and mice work or not. I have to admit the challenge of taking out the targets in sequential order can get you hooked and it's not a bad way to pass the time with. I'm just not sure how much staying power the game will have in the long run.  Add a better scoring method (currently scored at 1-5 stars) and more levels, the game would have a little more oomph.  As is, the game is nice but average.

Pigs Fly is a free game and you can download it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.