Probably one of the more understated performance improvements in Mango is the ability for devs to create games past the 30FPS mark, hitting 60FPS instead. And while it's far from revolutionary in the mobile space, the amount of realism and smoothness the change offers is quite impressive.

So far we've seen numerous Xbox LIVE games get this update, which also brings fast-app resume but we haven't seen too much in the way of indie games. Today, Pinkball League: The Juggler (see review), pretty much the only pinball game on Windows Phone, hit v1.4 which brings this faster refresh rate to the table. The Juggler has always been exceptionally smooth on gameplay, often looking unusual compared other games. Now with 30FPS+ increase, the gameplay is even better (not to mention the overhaul it received in v1.3). Grab v1.4 here in the Marketplace for a trial.

In addition, Impossible Shoota (see review) is also now Mango compatible with fast-app resume (we're unsure about the increased frame-rate). The game is now at v3.1 and still as fun as ever. The developer, Elbert Perez, just wrapped up re-compiling most of his 13 games for Mango, meaning we should start to see a steady stream of updates soon (we're looking at you, Nom Nom Worm). You can find Impossible Shoota here in the Marketplace as well.

Finally we have Krashlander (see review), one of the earlier games in the Marketplace getting a Mango update as well. Hitting v1.13, the game now has fast app switching and can be found here in the Marketplace.

Thanks, Mark T., for the heads up!