Pipo Work-W4 could cost as little as $80 when it launches

It looks like Microsoft and its OEM partners are being more aggressive with Windows tablets. The Pipo Work-W4 slate could launch well under $100 and is expected to be riced at just $81, or RMB 499. Still a concept at this point, the device is expected to ship with a full version of Windows, not Windows RT, as it is powered by Intel's chipset.

To keep prices low, it's speculated that the Pipo Work-W4 could be skimping on some specs, such as shipping with a more meager 16 GB of storage and a conservative 1 GB of RAM.

Additionally, according to TechRadar, it's unclear if the device will ship with a version of Office. The site posits that as Microsoft is restricting Office 365 to a personal license and since the Pipo Work-W4 has the 'Work' moniker in its brand, Office may be excluded.

The Pipo Work-W4's sub-$100 pricing would make it even more inexpensive than the Toshiba Encore Mini WT7 Windows slate, which currently retails for $120 through the Microsoft Store and has a 7-inch 720p HD display, Intel Atom processor, and 1 GB of RAM. Another inexpensive tablet is the $100 Elmdoor 8-inch Windows slate.

Are you excited about being able to buy what essentially amounts to a full Windows PC in a convenient portable tablet form factor for under $100?

Source: TechRadar