Plague Inc Xbox One

Now that the popular pandemic strategy game Plague Inc has launched on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1, developer Ndemic Creations is now working on the previously promised Xbox One version. In a development update, it was revealed that while the Xbox One version has taken longer than expected to create, it should be out sometime "in the next few months."

The update also revealed the challenges of making Plague Inc work on the Xbox One with its controller:

"One of the key challenges we have faced was developing a control scheme that really works for Plague Inc. on console. All too often, strategy games, which are traditionally designed with a mouse-and-keyboard control scheme in mind, struggle to transition over to console effectively / feel awful to play. I wanted to make sure that Plague Inc: Evolved feels like a true console game as well as giving the player effortless control over their plague as it infects the world. We redesigned the controls from scratch and the result is a strategic game that actually feels natural and satisfying to control. (sending zombie hordes to attack other countries is a particular joy! :P)"

Thanks to Zapella for the tip!

Source: Ndemic Creations