I'm sitting here waiting for UPS to deliver my Ghost Edition of Destiny for the Xbox One. I won't lie; I'm super jealous of all you guys and gals already playing without me. That said, even though you may be playing it already, you'll need to find some extra players to complete things like raids in Destiny. Don't have a busy friends list on Xbox Live? You're never alone when you're with us.

Head into the Windows Phone Central forums and you'll find the Xbox One subforum. Our Xbox One subforum is the best place to talk about the Xbox One with fellow Windows Phone enthusiasts. It's also a great place to find folks to play popular multiplayer games with – like Destiny.

Check out the official "Add for Destiny" thread if you're looking for some more Gamertags to add to your friend's list. You'll find a list of folks and their Gamertags; all you need to do is add yours to the thread and add those already listed. This way you can easily find some friends to go raids in Destiny!

Enjoy and have fun playing Destiny! See you all later tonight!

Shout out to Windows Phone Central user Flagz for starting this!