Fable Coin Golf was a pretty impressive Xbox Live Deal of the Week. It would be hard to match that level of quality two weeks in a row. But hey, this week’s sale game isn’t that bad. It’s Pocket God from Ngmoco (which is apparently a real company name). Pocket God is going on sale for $1.99, down from $2.99.

Pocket God is that game where players get to mistreat a bunch of pygmies and participate in lots of little minigames too. It’s silly fun, as our review attests. The Windows Phone version, however, is kind of buggy, with at least one semi-glitched Achievement. This version also receives far fewer updates than the superior iPhone original, though the developer promised at least one more update a while back. But if you just want to beat up on some islanders (who can blame you? *wink*) and aren’t concerned with all the technical aspects and getting extra content every few weeks like iPhone users, you’ll still have a good time.

Pocket God’s sale price starts on Wednesday, September 7 and lasts for one week only. Grab it here (Zune link) on the Marketplace.