Xbox One owners with Xbox Live Gold can now download and play the full version of Microsoft's sci-fi shooter Halo 5: Guardians for free from now until July 5. In addition, the game's newest and biggest content update, Warzone Firefight, is now available.

Microsoft says:

The Warzone Firefight content update brings all sorts of Halo goodness, including: the new Warzone Firefight game mode, Score Attack for Campaign, new maps Attack on Sanctum, Prospect, and Molten, the new Forge Canvas, Title, and new Req items.

In addition, players can purchase a limited time "Spartan Recruit REQ Pack," aimed to help new players jump in quickly to Warzone multiplayer. The Spartan Recruit REQ Pack will include the DMR loadout weapon, Magnum with Extended Mag loadout weapon, plus certifications and three extra REQs for the Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle and Scorpion.

Be aware that if you are downloading the game for free, it will take a while as it is 81GB in size. If you play Halo 5 for free and decide you want to keep playing past July 5, the digital version of the game is currently on sale for $30 from now until July 11.

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