Pocket Magnifier is one of those neat apps that you may not have known about for your Lumia Windows Phone. Developed in collaboration with Royal National Institute of Blind people (RNIB), Pocket Magnifier lets you use the Lumia rear camera to zoom in for text and clarity.

This morning, version 1.2 is live in the Store and with it comes the Microsoft name in front instead of Nokia's, an app trend that started a few months ago. The UI has also switched from olive green to the more familiar royal blue and the app is now Windows Phone 8.1 only.

Pocket Magnifier does a few unique tricks to make it special. Sure, on any Lumia you can just snap a picture and zoom in for a closer inspection, but Magnifier has a 'pause' function. This ability to pause the live view is much quicker since the user does not have to jump into the Camera Roll nor waste an actual photo. Once paused, the image can be zoomed in for clarity and saved for later. Likewise, the app also has live filters, such as making text white (and the background black, seen in the lead photo), auto-enhance and more.

Microsoft Pocket Magnifier is a neat app that helps people with hyperopia (aka being 'farsighted'), those who forgot their reading glasses, or Lumia 1020 owners who want to use their phones as mini-microscopes. Besides helping an often-overlooked category of people, Magnifier is just fun to use to play around.

You can grab Microsoft Pocket Magnifier below, but remember, it is still only for Lumia Windows Phones.

Thanks, Fahmi B., for the tip!

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