Podcast+ Pro

Podcast+ Pro has today been updated to version 4.3. Today's release bundles numerous new improvements and features to really add something special to the user experience. We previously looked at the app last month when it was temporarily available for free to celebrate the New Year.

Here's the full changelog for version, according to the Windows Phone Store listing:

  • added: sort podcasts manually
  • added: mark old episodes as played automatically
  • added: one click the tile and auto-play the playlist
  • added: share the podcast via email/text
  • added: mark all played for the podcasts
  • improved: display the new number, instead of total number
  • improved: support to auto-play next for videos
  • improved: calculate and clean the storage usage more accurate
  • improved: auto-remove the canceled item from downloading queue
  • improved: update playing state when the app is activated
  • improved: mark as new when the episode download starts
  • improved: support download image only on the WiFi to use less data
  • fixed: more fault tolerance for the episode date
  • fixed: the option 'hide played episodes' can't be saved
  • fixed: resume playback doesn't work for the downloaded video
  • fixed: some other known bugs

It's a seriously good app for those who enjoy checking out the latest podcasts and is a viable alternative to other Windows Phone solutions. It's a popular and highly favored app, so we see no reason as to why you shouldn't give it a go.

QR: Podcast+ Pro