Well check it out, our little free PointUI got itself a bit of a makeover (see previous review here)! Still free and still zippy (even more so now), the little Aussie program has all sorts of fixes and additions, including Smartphone (WM Standard) support. Yowza!

So what has changed, read on to check out a brief overview plus some thoughts and a couple of pics...

Just some of the fixes and additions are as follows:

  • voicemail count (where supported)
  • 6 customization options
  • no "takeover" of left Soft Key
  • better battery life
  • many bug fixes
  • memory leaks fixed

(For the whole list, looky here)

Not too shabby and I have to say it's running very smoothly on my 700wx (I'll try it out on the Moto Q later this week).

However, if you didn't like it the first time, there is probably not enough changes here to convince you otherwise. Then again, if you just had a couple of issues, maybe this will be the fix you desire.

Yet for the novice or even someone who needs the all the basics covered, we still recommend this sweet app. Plus, the black version just has to look great on the Sprint Touch ;-)

Download the Blue and Black versions here and check out some of the screen caps below...