PoGo-UWP, an unofficial third-party Pokémon Go app for Windows 10 Mobile, is working and available to play once more. This comes following the disabling of the app in late September after Pokémon Go developer Niantic Labs broke much of the API that PoGo-UWP was using.

Pokemon Go app PoGo-UWP is working once more

In order to start playing PoGo-UWP once more, you'll require the latest version of the app, which fixes the API code in order to get things working again. Do note, however, that there are some known issues with this version of the app:

  • Everything that you see in the issue tracker so please, again, search before opening a new issue!
  • Captcha feature is missing, meaning that this version is not 100% safe. We're releasing this quick update just to allow you to play again while we deal with missing features.
  • PTC login may fail and cause the app to crash
  • Screen may flicker if proximity sensor is covered, even if game's battery saver feature is disabled

Keep in mind that PoGo-UWP is an unofficial app, and is not approved for use by Niantic Labs. By using the app, you are risking having your Pokémon Go account banned. However, if you're interested in giving the latest version a go anyway, you can grab it from the PoGo-UWP GitHub to get started.