When it rains, it pours is the old expression. That’s the case here with the Lumia 1020 news that keeps pouring in here to Windows Phone Central this morning--isn’t our worldwide readership just grand?

Today, Nokia Poland has announced that the highly sought after camera phone will go on sale tomorrow (September 19) at independent outlets and “in the coming weeks” to Orange and T-Mobile. The device will come in the traditional colors of white, yellow and black (sorry, no red folks!) and it will retail for 2899 PLN.

About the game changing smartphone, Robert Siverskyi, General Manager, Nokia in Poland had this to say:

"Nokia Lumia1020 is a milestone in mobile photography. With its 41-megapixel and Nokia Pro Camera, Nokia Lumia 1020 boosts creativity and facilitates the capture, edit and sharing of your pictures with unrivaled sharpness.”

As a side note, we’re noticing a couple of things with the 1020 launch this time around, which is good news for the Windows Phone community (or for those is looking to get one for the first time). For one, the global launch appears to be happening in a relatively timed fashion—from the end of September through October. That’s seemingly a lot better than the Lumia 920, which spanned months, causing frustration amongst customers.

The other change we’re seeing is the device simultaneously launch on multiple carriers (well, except for the US where AT&T evidently has the exclusive). That’s great news as wider availability leads to price competition amongst carriers and consumers don’t feel the temptation to switch.

So to our Polish audience, who’s going to pick one of these up?

Source: Nokia (Press Release); via: WPWorld.pl