For you police and emergency response types, hunkering over your scanner to listen to the latest happening in your town is a norm (shoot, I had a rockin' portable scanner as a kid, could pick up satellites, so awesome). 

We mentioned way back in October about Police Scanner coming over to Windows Phone (it's huge on iOS) and sure enough the app has been on the Marketplace for months now, fetching for $2.99. That price is a little on the high end, but to be honest, this is a slick, well polished and simply really cool app.

The good news is it just hit v2.2 a little while ago and in turn, has received a price drop. No word if it is permanent or just a sale, but that's a huge discount for a solid app. The bad news is there is no trial, so make sure you really want a police scanner on your phone before you commit (then again at $0.99, hardly a commitment here). It does run under the lock screena and with the screen off, so that's a nice plus.

I've been listening to the Suffolk County police for awhile now and it's pretty darn hilarious. Just sayin', Long Island is full of stupid and crazy.

Grab the app here in the Marketplace.